Coal Pulverizer / Mill Modernization & Upgraded Components: EL Coal Pulverizer Series

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Increase Throughput • Balance Fuel Pipes • Increase Fineness • Reduce Emissions

• Fine tune balance while online

• Will never jam due to coal impaction

• Easy to install and maintain  

• Controlled manually or automatically

• Improve Fineness Control

• Effectively turns classifier into a cyclone separator

• Lined with SureAlloy Premium Weld Overlay Plate

• Or Ceramic on ID and/or OD

• Improve and monitor capacity

• Improve and monitor fineness

• Know when wear and/or spring degradation is taking place

• Direct bolt-on replacement

• Free flowing design

• Eliminate high velocities & wear

• Eliminate Multi-Ports

• Reduce pressure drop

• Improve fuel pipe distribution

• Improve fuel/air ratio balance

• Improve fineness

• Improve Balance and Combustion

• Lower LOI and NOX