Material / Fuel Handling & Processing Solutions: SAS  Rotary Hammer Mill Performance Screen System Upgrade

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Engineered for improved fineness control, increase service life, and ease of maintenance

SAS developed this new, high performance screen concept though its years of experience providing replacement wear parts for these and other types of crushers. This SAS design eliminates the multiple-bar screening arrangement with a three panel interchangeable screen plate system.

• The easily interchanged panels are engineered to achieve optimum balance between

  throughput and fineness to meet specific fueling requirements.

• Provides a consistant improved level of fineness over the OEM bar arrangements.

• Drasctically reduces installation time and improves safety over the OEM bar arrangement.

• Eliminates handling and inventory of the individual OEM bars.

• Manufactured from Vanguard Premium Alloy Wear Plate and SureAlloy Premium Carbide

  Overlay Plate for increased services life and maintained fineness levels.