SAS Global: SAS Premium Trommels

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Engineered for improved performance and a long services life.

SAS Global has engineered our trommels to provide maximum performance.  All SAS trommels, large or small, are fabricated from SAS Premium Wear Resistant Materials to insure a long service life. SAS premium trommels are custom designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of each customer application.

SAS Premium Trommels Out Perform the Competition

A major copper mine recently installed large SAS Premium Trommels in their ore processing system.  This customer was originally averaging between 6 and 8 weeks of service life from their previous supplier. The new SAS Premium Trommels are lasting 17 weeks; and SAS is now in development of further design improvements that will yield a goal of 24 weeks. This provides a huge savings for the customer in production downtime, labor hours, and safety.