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About SAS Global Corporation

Providing Innovative Solutions for over 70 years

For over 70 years, SAS Global Corporation has been one of the nation's leading suppliers of premium abrasion resistant steels and hard facing materials. From the beginning, SAS Global has operated under three key principles; provide the highest quality, excellence in customer service, and innovative thinking.

With facilities located in Michigan and Texas; and satellite sales/technical support within Nevada, Canada, Australia, China, and Europe, SAS is able to service the entire Globe. SAS services organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to smallmom & pop shops. SAS provides complete material processing, custom fabrications, and engineering services.

SAS Global Corporation's engineering capabilities has led to the development of over 50 unique patented products and numerous premium abrasion resistant materials, including our SureAlloy Brand of Premium Carbide Overlay Plate and Hardfacing Products. Our research and development engineers aim to convert market trends quickly into successful innovations. Through new technologies we can continue to service our many current industries and turn new advancements into additional market opportunities.

The SAS Engineering Department provides complete design, engineering, reverse engineering, and drafting services. Our engineers utilize both 3D CAD and CFD modeling software, combined with model testing, to develop custom solutions to a variety of engineering challenges. With over a combined total of 100 years experience, we will work with you to develop a unique solution to your problems.

SAS Global and its divisions supply their products and solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide. Our portfolio ranges from premium abrasion resistant steels, ceramics, and hardfacing materials, to high performance equipment upgrades

SAS Global Headquarters: Warren, MI

The 185,000 square foot SAS Global World Headquarters features a 152,500 square foot Fabrication Facility and 32,500 square feet of office space. This SAS location is home to our fabrication shop, warehouse, engineering department, sales/marketing deapartment and administration.

The SAS Global Fabrication Facility is fully equipped with technologically advanced fabrication equipment that is operated by experienced personnel. All fabrications are subject to stringent Quality Control procedures during every step of fabrication. This facility also features our complete in-house manufacturing of SureAlloy Premium Carbide Weld Overlay Materials.

SAS Global Corporation Texas

This 95,000 square foot facility is located on 44 acres in Longview, TX. It is home to Cladtec and Vtec, divisions of SAS Global Corporation. All of the structural design and fabrication of vessel sizes up to 200’ are done at this location by Vtec. The hardfacing and rebuilding of worn components are also performed by Cladtec in this facility.

This SAS Global Texas location consists of (5) 40’ wide x 400’ long bays with 31’ crane hook height and (1) 80’ wide x 150’ long bay with 40’ bay hook height. The building has the capability to handle fabrications up to 400,000 lbs due to its many overhead cranes that range up to 100 tons in size.

In addition to our fully modern manufacturing processes that include (3) sets of plate forming rolls with capability to roll 2.5” thick by 120” wide materials. A large 17’ wide x 19’ high x 80’ long Stress Relieving furnace is also located on-site. We also have high speed automatic welding process, CNC burning equipment (acetylene and plasma) and a knowledgeable fitter/welder staff with more than 35 years experience building pressure vessels.

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