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Pulp & Paper Industry: Products and Solutions for Wear, Process, Material Handling and Equipment

SAS Global is the complete source for all of your Pulp and Paper Industry wear protection, processing and material handling needs. SAS Global not only fabricates, but also develops and produces our own wear resistant materials to meet your specific needs and specifications.

Wear Resistant Components & Services:

  • Flat Back Elbows
  • Wear Resistant Piping
  • Square to Round Transitions
  • Tube Turns
  • Chute and Hoppers
  • Chipper Hoods
  • Chipper Teeth Hardfacing
  • Chip Stock Pile Deflector Plates
  • Cyclones and Liners
  • Grit Trough Liners
  • Back Distribution Trough Liners
  • Log Line Conveyor Liners
  • Log Feed Chute Liners
  • Bark Shredder Liners
  • Bark Shredder Hammers
  • Debarking Teeth Hardfacing
  • T-Injectors
  • Separator Flights
  • Lime Slacker Screw
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Screw Feeder and Press
  • Separator Flights
  • Waste Trap
  • Hydra-pulper Rotor Hardfacing / Liners
  • Pump Shaft Protection Sleeve
  • Centrifuge Scroll Liners
  • Fan Impellers and Housings
  • Mobile Equipment Liners

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