Material / Fuel Handling & Processing Solutions: SAS Controlled Flow Transfer Chute Systems

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Engineered for improved flow, reduced material hang-up and less dust creation.

SAS Global Engineers our chutes to provide optimum flow while reducing / eliminating material hang-up and dust creation. SAS Global has been developing wear resistant solutions for over 60 years. This allows SAS to offer the very best in materials to provide the longest possible service life.

Some of the Premium SAS Global material options available:

     •     SA2000 Premium Complex Carbide Overlay Plate

     •     SA1750CR Premium Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate

     •     Vanguard Alloy Wear Plate (460/540 HB) Through Hardened

     •     SA400 Alloy Wear Plate (360/440 HB) Through Hardened