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SA-MCC was developed to satisfy the various application needs of our customers. SA-MCC Multiple Complex Overlays can be custom blended to provide material characteristics needed for specific wear resistivity.  For example, if the application requires increased impact resistance and temperature rating, the blend of complex carbides would have higher levels of Molybdenum and Niobium.

Each specific blend of SA-MCC has its own specific numerical designation. This numerical designation is directly correlated to the percent of each carbide forming element found in the overlay.

Example: SA-MCC-5114

(1st No.) = Mo% - Molybdenum = 5

(2nd No.) = W% - Tungsten = 1

(3rd No.) = V% - Vanadium = 1

(4th No.) = Nb% - Niobium = 4

Common Applications:

     •     Chute Liners

     •     Cyclones

     •     Fan Blades

     •     Fine Particle Screening

     •     Burner Nozzle Splitter Plates