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SA2000 is a specially formulated alloy designed to generate a high concentration of small primary carbides greatly improving wear resistance over conventional chromium carbide alloys. The refined microstructure containing harder complex carbides provides greater wear resistance and improved toughness by reducing inter-carbide spacing. The inert refractory carbides present also increase the temperature resistance and corrosion resistance improving service life in applications such as bins and hoppers, deflector screens, excavator buckets, truck dump trays and chute liners.

Common Applications:

     •     Mobile Mining Equipment Liners

     •     Longwall Pan Liners

     •     Crusher / Breaker Liners

     •     Crusher Screens

     •     Chute / Hopper Liners

     •     Piping Systems

     •     Dredging Suction Pipes

     •     Coal Pulverizer / Mill Wall and Deflector Liners

     •     Rotating Vane Wheels

     •     Journal Liners and Tire Shields

     •     Burner Barrels and Nozzles

     •     Muller Bottoms

     •     Raw Mill Liners

     •     Coke Injection Line Elbows

     •     ID Fan Blades and Housing Liners

     •     Auger Flights

     •     Classifier Blades

     •     Dust Handling Systems


• Up to Double the life over SA1750CR Chromium Carbide Overlay

• Greater wear resistance and improved toughness by reducing space between carbides

• Higher impact resistance due to high density of smaller carbides

• Inert refractory carbides present increase the temperature and corrosion resistance

• Reduced carry back and material sticking

• Reduces your operational costs by:

          •     Increasing Production

          •     Reducing Downtime

          •     Reducing Labor Costs